The Silence of the Dying Fish

Directed by

Vasilis Kekatos


Makis is a fish farm worker. On his way to work one morning, he is informed that he has died the day before. After failed attempts to prove that he is alive, he accepts his fate with indifference and he spends his last day trying to secure shelter and caretakers for his beloved canaries, up until the time of his funeral.


Andreas Konstantinou

Alexandra K*

Angelos Skasilas

Alexandros Papaioannou


Director - Vasilis Kekatos

DoP - Giorgios Valsamis

Editing - Smaro Papaevangelou

Sound - Yannis Antypas

            & Valia Tserou

Production design - Eva Goulakou


25 minutes

in coproduction with blackbird productions (Greece)

with the support of the Greek Film Center and ERT

with the support of Occitanie Region


Locarno 2018

Drama 2018 - Jury special prize / Best southern Europe film

Zinebi 2018

Aix en Provence 2018

Tangiers 2018

Rome 2018

Athens 2018 - Best Second Film

Corti Di Dorico 2018

Tirana 2018

Belgrade 2018

Sundance 2019

Gosh! Paris 2019 - Prix du scénario - Prix d'interprétation féminine

Vilnius 2019

Mecal 2019

Kiev 2019

Palm Springs 2019

Court Métrange 2019

San Francisco Greek 2019

Rhodes Island 2019

Cinema Jove 2019

Sopot 2019

Thess IFF 2019

Hellas Filmbox Berlin 2020