Fatiya is a 18 year old teenager. She is funny, charismatic and veiled. This afternoon, she promised her cousin, the pretty Yasmine, to replace her to a babysitting so that she could go on a date with a boy. With Soukaïna, her best friend, Fatiya goes to the mall where she will meet Sophie. But when she finds herself with the mother, nothing happens as planned …


Lyna Khoudri 

Mahia Zrouki 

Florence Janas 

Tasnim Jamlaoui 

Sami Trabelsi 

Sasha Coudurier 

Seth Young-Ruiz 

Eric Boufanais


DoP : Lucile Mercier 

Sound : Antoine Basile Mercier 

Line producer : Maxime Lambert Casting : Anais Duran 

Production design : Elsa Montant 

Make up : Faustine de Sousa 

Production management : Jasmin Beuvard et Marie Mazzili

Editing : Julie Picouleau 

Sound editing : Benoît Gargonne 

Sound mixing : Jean-Paul Hurier 

Music : Julie Roué


19 minutes