Only the future shall tell


1982. German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder secretely arranges a temporary exit from the world : thanks to the pioneering technology conceived by a French physicist, he has his prematurely aged body cryogenised for posterity. He wakes up in France, in 2028. The country has fallen under the yoke of a depressing dictatorship.


Myriam Mezieres

Engin Aycicek

André Wilms

Geoffrey Carrey


Production designer: Sébastien Lépinay

Image: Yoann de Montgrand

Assitant director: Victor Baussonnie

Sound: Benjamin Laurent

Sets: Sébastien Gondek

Costumes : Fred Cambier

Editing: Anthony Brinig

Mix: Xavier Thibault

Coloring: Alexandra Pocquet

Music: Narrow Terence


22 minutes

Produced by Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films)

In coproduction with PCT cinéma télévision, Sputnik, France 2, TSR, TVR

With the support of CNC (aide aux nouvelles technologies, COSIP), ADAMI,  CINEFOROM and Région BASSE-NORMANDIE.