Rien ne s'oppose au jour


Hélène and Eva, two women in their forties, are inseperable, bound with a coalescent love. They live in a contemporary house plunged in an infinite night. Day after day, Hélène’s sleep is troubled by terrifying cosmic dreams and the whole house is shaken. At first, Eva shows reassurance. But soon she understands that it is the drawings she makes in secret and that prepare a radical act she is about to commit that are destroying Hélène. In spite of all the love she feels for her, Eva finishes her project. In front of dying Hélène, she gives rise to the day and dies as well, as she is irreconciliable with the world she has just generated and that announces Humanity.


Audrey Bonnet

Nathalie Richard


Written and directed by: Romain Kronenberg

Produced by: Delphine Schmit

Image: Julia Mingo

Assitant director: Tünde Deak

Sound: Alix Clément

Sets: Stéphane Landais

Editing: Mona-Lise Lanfant

Original music: Romain Kronenberg


18 minutes

With the support of Région Haute-Normandie and Pôle Image Haute Normandie, and PROCIREP-ANGOA

Best Original Soundtrack award at Côté Court Festival de Pantin 2018