Our mothers


Guatemala, 2018. The whole country is immersed in the trial of the soldiers who sparked the civil war. Victim statements come one after another. Ernesto is a young anthropologist working for the Forensic Foundation; his job is to identify the missing. One day, while hearing the account of an old woman, he thinks he has found a lead that might guide him to his father, a guerrillero who went missing during the war. Against his mother’s wishes, he flings himself body and soul into the case, looking for truth and resilience.


Armando Espitia

Aurelia Caal

Emma Dib


Written and directed by: César Diaz

Image: Virginie Surdej

Sound: Vincent Nouaille

Sets: Pilar Peredo

Costumes: Sofia Lantan

Editing: Damien Maestraggi

Mix: Emmanuel De Boissieu

Sound editing: Gilles Benardeau

Orginal music: Rémi Boubal

Produced by: Delphine Schmit, Géraldine Sprimont


77 minutes

Production: Perspective Films, Need Productions, Cineconception.

France Distribution and Sales: Pyramide


GOLDEN CAMERA and SACD Award at Cannes Film Festival – Critic's week, 2019

SPANISH COOPERATION AWARD at San Sebastian Film Festival, 2019

Melbourne Film Festival, 2019

Jerusalem Film Festival, 2019

Cinéma Metropolis de Beyrouth - Reprise Semaine de la Critique, 2019

Lima Film Festival, 2019

SANFIC Santiago, 2019

Reykjavík International Film Festival, 2019

Hamburg Film Fest, 2019

CRITICS' PRIZE at Namur International Film Festival, 2019

BEST FILM - PEOPLE'S CHOICE / CROUCHING TIGER AWARD at Pingyao International Film Festival, 2019

Warsaw Film Festival, 2019

Oulan Bator Film Festival, 2019

SILVER HUGO at Chicago International Film Festival Competition, 2019

Morelia International Film Festival, 2019

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 2019

Les films de Cannes, Bucarest, 2019

Busan International Film Festival, 2019

BEST FILM AWARD at Festival Internacional de Cine de Santander (FICS), 2019

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD at Ostend Film Festival – FFO, 2019