Kathy Sebbah


Kathy Sebbah is born in Toulouse

She joined the ESAV and then the FEMIS where she was studying the film image. Framing, lighting, photography brought her to work with talented directors of photography on films with directors she still admires and who left a mark on her work : Michel Gondry (La science des rêves and Une épine dans le coeur), Bertrand Mandico (a dozen of short films, publicity and clips), Michelangelo Antonioni on his last movie, Cédrid Klapisch, Olivier Babinet... 

In parallel with her image work, she directed short films which made her a name in various festivals (Pantin, Oberhausen, Upsala, Lisboa, Vila do Conde...). Mic Jean-Louis won the Prize of interpretation in Clermont-Ferrand with other awards, La Harde won the Grand Award in the Aix-En-Provence Festival, and both of them had been selected for the César and the Lutins du Court-métrage.

Followed Dancing Odéon, which had taken part in the ACID selection in Cannes and obtained the quality grant and the post production grant of Ciné 93. 

She directed a musical film with Vincent delerme, in a movie collection commissioned by France TV - Histoire de Vincent Delerm

In between her director work, she is also writing a feature film scenario, Je suis la petite renarde, which received the writing grant of the CNC and of the Midi Pyrénées Region.

She is an active member of filmmakers association ACID, which takes part in the Cannes' selections, but also works on the relation between the young generations and cinema. 

SOLASTALGIE is her last project. It aspires to highlight existential questions of today's teenagers, terrorised by the consequences of climate change and the inaction of the policy-makers. It would mix love for an unknown father, appearing like the prophet of the Apocalypse, and  the vertigo of the wild Nature's beauty. 


MEMORY - 2019 - 24’

Movie made after one year of cinema workshop at the Dupont School, Toulouse


With Oleo Films and France TV

Musical and poetic portrait of Vincent Delerm

JE SUIS LA PETITE RENARDE - Long feature screenplay

With the writing grant of the CNC, writing residence at the CECI

DANCING ODEON - 2011 - 26’ - Fiction

With Ecce films

CNC Quality Award, winner of the short film grant of the Cinémas 93, ACID Selection in the Festival de Cannes, and selections in Côté-Court in Pantin, Trieste, Dieppe...

LA HARDE - 2009 - 20’- Fiction

With Ecce films

Selection César and Lutins of the short film, Finalist of the Eure contest for the Best screenplay, Grand Award at the Aix en Provence Festival, Special mention of the jury at Indie Lisboa

Festivals of Clermont-Ferrand, Pantin Coté-court, Bratislava, Nice, Vienne...

MIC JEAN-LOUIS - 2007 - 26’- Fiction

With K prod

Sélection César et Lutins of the short film, CNC Quality Award, Award for best actor in Clermont-Ferrand Festival, Special mention of the jury in Oberhausen etc.

LA CHANGA - 2001 - 10’ - Musical Comedy

Graduation film of the Fémis