Donovan s'évade

Directed by

Lucie Plumet


While violent riots are taking place in the region, Donovan, a young bodyguard, is mandated to protect the minister's wife, on vacation with some friends. 
In this luxurious surroundings, Donovan lets himself enjoy a life he couldn't have..


Yoann Zimmer

Aurélia Petit

Sébastien Houbani

Caroline Ferrus

Maurizio Campani

Valentine Cadic


Writing : Thomas Pujol et Lucie Plumet

First assistant director : Piero Usberti

Script : Céline Perreard

Director of photography : Mathieu Kauffmann

Head gaffer : Jean Riou

Head rigger : Victor Dubois

Chief operator : Clément Lemariey


25 minutes

With the support of ARTE France

With the support of Region Bretagne in partnership with CNC

With the support of the CNC 

In coproduction with Tébéo, Tébésud et TVR

With the support of the PROCIREP and the ANGOA

With the support of the SACEM in association with ALCIMÉ