With his small camera he always keeps close at hand, Boaz films his daily life, especially Malachie, his almost brother with whom he is inseparable. At twenty years of age, for their summer vacations on the island, they have the project to direct a film ; an idea from Malachie who wishes to unveil the true nature of his brother, who wishes to tell him why he admires him so much. But Amos, their father, cancel their vacation and Boaz decides to convince Malachie to make the film in spite of that.


With Yannis Amouroux, Zéphir Moreels, Audrey Bonnet, Mathieu Amalric


Written et directed by Romain Kronenberg

DOP: Julia Mingo

Edit: Romain Kronenberg

Music: Romain Kronenberg


25 minutes

Produced by Delphine Schmit (Tripode Productions).

With the support of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Procirep & Angoa. 

The project had been selected by the sponsorship comitte of the Fondation des artistes, with the support of the head office of cultural affairs of the Ile-de-France (Ministry of Culture). 


Festival Côté Court of Pantin 2021